Complex designing

The structure of the Moscow Metrostroy has its own design bureau that performs the full range of services for the design of metro facilities, road and civil construction:

In 2011, the subsidiary company of Mosmetrostroy design bureau Inzhproekt became the general designer of the new stations of the Sokolnicheskaya metro line: Troparevo, Rumyantsevo and Salarievo. Specialists have introduced new design solutions in terms of both design and engineering.

The basis of the architectural appearance of the station Troparevo was the close location of the park of the same name. This inspired the designers to create a perron hall in the form of a park alley under sprawling tree crowns, supplemented by floor lamps of artificial lighting with energy-saving lamps and mirror strips on track walls.

The design of the Rumyantsevo station is atypical for the capital, because it was built on a narrow strip between the busy highway and the business park. In order to save space specialists have designed a two-storey underground structure: the upper floor is reserved for the cash desk and technical rooms, the lower one for the platform.

Salarievo, which became the jubilee 200th subway station, is devoted to constructivism: walls, ceiling, columns and floor are divided into conventional squares of different colors, and the walls along the paths are decorated with stained-glass windows with colored glass.

Design bureau Inzhproekt has prepared an architectural concept for the reconstruction of the ground stations of the Filevskaya metro line and two lobbies of the station Leninsky Prospekt of the Kalugsko-Rigskaya line, which takes into account all the modern requirements of the Moscow Metro.