The Council of Young Specialists

Chairman of the council

The Council of Young Specialists (CYS) of the Moscow metro construction was established in December 2015 on the initiative of the organization's management.

CYS was created to create an active position among the modern generation of metro constructors, attract them to participate in the cultural, social and sporting life of the company, as well as in solving production, organizational and other corporate issues.

Today it consists of five active sector:

  • Educational - promotes the professional growth of young people, organizes and conducts conferences, seminars and other events in order to exchange experiences and introduce new software products.
  • Social - deals with the participation of young professionals in social programs and competitions; Provides assistance in obtaining benefits.
  • Cultural-mass - promotes the organization and conduct of cultural and recreational activities; Develops and offers activities aimed at the development of corporate culture.
  • Sports - promotes the organization of activities aimed at attracting young professionals and employees to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Information - takes an active part in ongoing events and provides information support to the Council in popular social networks.