Reconstruction of the Vladivostok tunnel of the Far Eastern Railway

JSC Mosmetrostroy is a diversified construction company that carries out on a contract basis construction of underground facilities, underground, transportation, civil and other structures from scratch. Metrostroy was established in 1931 and laid the foundations of the domestic metro construction. The first line of the Moscow metro was built in record time and put into operation on May 15, 1935.
Reconstruction of the Vladivostok tunnel of the Far Eastern Railway

Specialists of the Moscow Metrostroy construction are carrying out major repairs of the railway tunnel named after Stalin, who came into technical disrepair.

During the reconstruction it is necessary to drain the lining of the tunnel, to strengthen its bearing capacity, to suppress the active water inflow, to restore the drainage trays, to update the device of the upper structure of the track. In the course of construction works, technologies that have not previously been used in the repair of railway tunnels are used.


The length of the tunnel is 1,382 m,
Width 5 m,
The height is 8 m.


A single-track railway tunnel in Vladivostok, laid under the Shoshena Mountain, connects the First Rechka Valley with the area of ​​the Mine Town and Ul. Meadow. Located between the platforms Third Work and Meadow. Through it there are cargoes to the ports on the Goldobin Peninsula (Cape Churkin), coal is delivered to Vladivostokskaya CHPP-2, passenger electric trains run.


1935 year.
It is worth noting that the railway tunnel named after Stalin has the status of a strategic object and a monument of history and architecture of regional importance.