Station Troparevo

JSC Mosmetrostroy is a diversified construction company that carries out on a contract basis construction of underground facilities, underground, transportation, civil and other structures from scratch. Metrostroy was established in 1931 and laid the foundations of the domestic metro construction. The first line of the Moscow metro was built in record time and put into operation on May 15, 1935.
Station Troparevo (Sokolnicheskaya line)

December 8, 2014 


The station is located on the even side of Leninsky Prospekt. The station has two underground vestibules with passages near Leninsky Prospekt. From the south-western vestibule you can go to the residential neighborhood on the odd side of Leninsky Prospekt, and from the north-east - to the even side of Leninsky Prospekt, to Ruzskaya Street and Troparevo Forest Park.


The single-vaulted small laying (depth of laying is 12 m), the length of the station complex with the substation facilities is 349 meters, without taking into account the deadlocks behind the station of 326 meters. The station has a system of elevators providing access from the ground surface to the level of the cash desk and to the platform.


The architecture of the platform is designed as a park alley under the sprawling trees, which are stylized under the trees floor lamps artificial lighting, built into the floor.«Mirror» screens on the upper parts of the side walls of the apron hall (behind the ways) due to reflections and reflections create a visual depth and illusion of this fairy forest.

The polished granite floor of the platform, also involved in the game of reflections, is proposed to perform polychrome, the colors «autumn forest» with the predominance in the geometric pattern of floor paving «diagonal» strips, as if directing passengers to the train.

The chief architect of the project is A.I. Tarasov, architect: N.D. Deyev, D.Z. Polyakova.